Essential Workers: Staying Safe

Being an essential worker is tough even without the fear a pandemic brings. Everyone is posting “Stay Safe Stay Home” and “quarantine” messaging, which is great, except that you cannot stay home. You have a service to provide and a family to feed.

On social media, we are seeing lots of posts thanking essential workers for their service, which is nice, but isn’t going to keep you safe. What can you do for yourself?

  1. Try working the minimum number of hours you can afford and your employer will allow – this is not possible for everyone but if you can, do.
  2. Wear personal protective equipment (like gloves and masks) as directed.
  3. Make yourself familiar with Connecticut’s safe essential workplace rules (which you can view here) to ensure you are being protected, and talk to your employer if necessary about any rules not being followed.
  4. Wash your hands all the time! Bring lotion with you to keep your hands from drying out. Also, sanitize your space regularly with disinfectant supplies provided by your employer.
  5. If you are sick or have any symptoms, STAY HOME! Monitor your health and temperature regularly.

Be safe out there!

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