Announcement: Bill Petrosky, Director of HIV Prevention and Care Services, Retiring

The Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective announced the retirement of Bill Petrosky, Director of HIV Prevention and Care Services. Bill joined our agency in 2008 when our HIV Prevention program expanded significantly to include a multifacted outreach component focused on gay and bisexual men to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS and STDs. The aim was to spread the word about safe, healthy, responsible and enjoyable sexual behavior. Encouraging testing for HIV and getting treatment, if the test was positive, was and is a top priority. Bill was the right person for the job as he had many years of experience in his previous job at AIDS Project Hartford. One of Bill’s responsibilities was to coordinate of the newly formed MPowerment CT, a group for young gay and bisexual men to shape a healthy community for themselves, build positive social connections, and support their friends to have safer sex. His care of our clients, particularly when conducting HIV counseling and testing, is unsurpassed.

Bill’s talents were not limited to just HIV prevention. Bill brought his skills and compassion to bear in helping people to live with HIV/AIDS. He was also the Coordinator of Health Collective East, our Manchester facility that works with clients living with HIV/AIDS, for many years. He helped clients with support groups, meals, food distribution and advice. And he also was the point person for our annual Queer Prom each spring. A man of many talents.

Bill was always willing to spend time helping others, either other staff members and volunteers as a mentor, or the many clients who sought him out for counsel and advice. He was also active in many statewide and local groups on behalf of the Health Collective including the Ryan White Part A Planning Council and the CT HIV/AIDS Identification and Referral Task Force. He leaves big shoes that will take many people to fill. We wish him all the best in retirement.

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