Dear Kim: How do I Date in a Pandemic?

Dear Kim, 

I’ve been swiping through Tinder and I want to date but I’m nervous to during the COVID-19 pandemic. How can I keep myself safe while dating? Is it even possible?


Nervous Pandemic Dater

Dear Nervous,

It’s great that you are considering the risks of dating during a pandemic. There are many ways you can reduce your risk and keep yourself and your partner safe.

Start with online-only dating. Virtual dates are social-distancing friendly and zero risk. Get to know a person online by texting, messaging, calling, or video chatting. Before the pandemic, we might have considered going out with someone after only a few messages. Now, we have to more carefully consider the prospect of meeting and limit our contacts.

If you choose to go on a date, keep it outdoors. For example, grab a coffee and walk in the park! Keep a distance of six feet whenever possible, and if you have to get closer, be sure to put your mask on.

If you decide you want to become intimate with a person you’re seeing, there will be a certain amount of risk, but there are ways to make it safer. As usual, take precautions against STDs, like condoms. You can both get COVID-19 tests or quarantine for two weeks prior to reduce your risk, and discuss who your other contacts, if any, are so you can both make informed decisions on becoming intimate.

Be safe out there, Nervous! 



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