Giving Tuesday 2020

We all know about Giving Tuesday, right? Just in case you didn’t know about this wonderful day, let us fill you in: On the first Tuesday after the Thanksgiving holiday is designated the day you do your donating to your favorite nonprofits. We hope the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective springs to mind as a great cause to support.

This year is a little different from other years (no surprise)… Our facility in Manchester, Health Collective East provides a variety of programs and services to people living with HIV/AIDS. This year we are asking for your help to continue to provide pet food and vet care for our clients’ pets. Also, we want to get something for those clients with children in their lives. The need for toys is really felt at this time of the year. If you can help us out this Giving Tuesday with this specific appeal you would make some pets and kids very happy indeed!

It’s easy to give. Either click on the highlighted links in this article or Text OBE 2020 to 56651 to give to the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective. Thanks everyone!

PS. Don’t miss our live World AIDS Day broadcast today, Dec. 1, at 4pm. Go to to join.

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