A Message From Linda Estabrook, Executive Director, of the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective

Hi all.   

It is interesting to be passing through the one year anniversary of so many events related to COVID-19:

  • The first cases in the United States
  • The devastation that impacted Italy
  • The lack of PPE
  • The limitations and then shut down of so many things of our daily life
  • Facemasks

It is amazing to know that so many of us have been weathering the storm.  And to also know that so many of us are living with the awful impacts of losing loved ones or dealing with the effects of COVID illness still.
With the vaccines, there is light at the end of this very dark tunnel.   We are getting closer to the days of freedom from  the constraints of this virus.    We  continue to be a resource for your COVID inquiries.  
Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective staff and volunteers, as public health providers, have been receiving vaccines.  Having our clinic volunteers gradually return to serving our community has been such a welcome change for all of us. 
Many thanks to those in our LGBTQ+ community who have stood by us through these extremely difficult times.  Your support has meant the world to us.

Take care.  Be Well.  Be Yourself. 

Linda Estabrook
Executive Director

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