Transgender HIV Testing Day – November 1

Transgender Awareness Month is observed in the month of November.

In the United States, almost 22% of transgender women are living with HIV, compared to 0.6% for the general population.Part of this is due to the discrimination that trans folks often experience from healthcare providers and institutions. 19% report being refused medical care due to their gender identity, and 28% report harassment at the doctor’s office.

HIV testing and care is an important way to slow transmission and help people living with HIV live long, healthy lives.

HGLHC invites all members of our transgender community to be tested for HIV and other STDs in a safe, accepting, and affirming environment. On November 1, 2021, we will be having a special all-day Trans testing event.

Testing is by appointment only. Please call us at 860-278-4163 to make an appointment.

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