Right to Life: A Note From Our Executive Director

Right to Life As LGBTQ+ people, WE have a right to life. And liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We and our allies have worked hard and tirelessly for decades to get to where we are today. We have no intention of going back.

Our rights intersect with the hard won rights of so many in our country, including the right to choose to have a legal abortion.

The Supreme Court decision last Friday resulted in the loss of Roe v Wade. This decision has removed the right to have a legal abortion for tens of millions in this country. This decision has already and will continue to impact tens of million of people for years to come. They should have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

What about the 13 year old rape victim forced to carry a baby to term? Doesn’t she have a right to her life? What about the pregnant person faced with agonizing medical decisions?

While we are being “reassured” that the decision of the Supreme Court last Friday “only” applies to abortion, Justice Thomas has already communicated clearly that gay marriage, contraception, and the right to privacy IN YOUR OWN HOME are all on the table. Here in Connecticut, we as LGBTQ people and people seeking an abortion are well protected. This is not the case in dozens of other states.

Now is the time to ACT!! Speak up. Educate. Advocate. Encourage your family and friends to vote in November for people that will uphold the rights to self determination, particularly in the states that have already banned abortions or are in the process of doing so.

Ask your friends and family in these states to vote for candidates that will support the RIGHTS of ALL of us.

As always, we encourage you to – Be Well. Be Yourself.

Linda Estabrook, MPH

Executive Director

We Support Reproductive Healthcare. Abortion is reproductive healthcare. Abortion is NOT just a women’s right’s issue – it affects us all.

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