Monkeypox Update

Lots of folks have lots of questions about Monkeypox.

Here’s the thing-if you are placing yourself in physical situations where you could get syphilis or gonorrhea, you are placing yourself in situations where you could get Monkeypox.

As noted by CDC, “Close contact, sustained skin-to- skin contact including sexual contact, with a person with monkeypox or contact with contaminated ‘items’ (e.g., shared linens) are the most significant risk factor’s associated with human-to-human transmission of monkeypox.

About vaccines-these are in very limited supply in the U.S. And, even if you were able to get a vaccine today, you may also need a second dose. And it takes weeks for it to be effective. A vaccine is not an instant fix.

We know that these circumstances were not in your summer plans, but here we are. Monkeypox is in Connecticut and other states. This is an evolving situation. As we learn more, we will share info with you.

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