Donate to HGLHC This Holiday Season

Thank you so much for being part of this amazing journey called the Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective. As one client recently said to me: “Thank you. Thank you for everything. You’ve saved so many lives…” We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any of this without YOU. Over the years, we have asked YOU for your support. And you responded YES. And there are the many times we didn’t ask. Yet you stepped up with your support: An unexpected online donation. A surprise visit coupled with a gift. YOU
just knew and understood the unique role the Health Collective has and continues to play in Connecticut. Your love for the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective has been exhibited through your generosity.

You Be You! How many times have we all heard or said this? Since 1995, we have said to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer youth – You Be You!, when we started one of the first Queer Proms for youth in the country. The joy and happiness on the faces of kids to simply be their true selves is extremely heartwarming.

We were the first and only agency of its kind in Connecticut devoted to LGBTQ+ health for decades. In 1986, the Health Collective was one of the first agencies in the state to provide HIV testing. For many years, the only thing we could do was to tell people they were negative or positive for HIV, knowing that telling someone they were HIV positive was one of the most dreadful pieces of information to convey and receive. Today, we serve people living with HIV/AIDS through services that include the first dental program for them in Connecticut and the many services we provide at our Manchester location. HIV prevention services include connecting clients to PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and providing comprehensive safer sex education.

This year, Monkeypox arrived. The Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective responded immediately with education, advocacy and action – creating a vaccine and testing program “on the fly”. Over and over people have expressed their appreciation to us for stepping up. We are doing what we need to do out of care and love of our community.
We’ve adapted and responded to the changing needs of our community. Tens of thousands of individuals have been touched by the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective. Lives have been saved and extended because of the work we do. I have been and am a witness to our work. And so are you.

Please make your contribution today. Send your donation in the envelope provided or go to our website,, and show YOUR support. With YOUR help, the Health Collective can continue to be its true self! Thank you!

Wishing you an amazing holiday season,

Linda Estabrook, MPH
Executive Director

Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective 1841 Broad St. Hartford, CT 06114 P: (860)278-4163

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