Syphilis Alert!

Connecticut is seeing record numbers of syphilis infections. It’s more important than ever to be careful and protect yourself from STI’s and HIV.

Syphilis is most effectively treated with a bicillin shot in the gluteus (butt cheek). As far as shots go, it can be pretty painful.

It’s also possible to have syphilis without knowing it. Not everyone has noticeable symptoms, and if left untreated, syphilis can cause scarring, organ and brain damage, and death. The only way to know for sure if you have syphilis is to get tested.

Syphilis is preventable, though! Here are some ways to protect yourself and your partner(s):

  • Use a condom every time you have sex.
  • Get an HIV/STI test every 3-6 months that includes oral and rectal swabs.
  • Talk to your partner(s) about safer sex.
  • Call HGLHC at 860-278-4163 if you have questions or would like to be tested.

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