Ask Kim: Do I Have an STI?

Dear Kim, 

I am worried I have an STI. I have a sore throat and have just been feeling kind of off. I read online that it might be gonorrhea. Do I have an STI? 

Thank you, 


Dear Worried, 

You’re right that a sore throat can sometimes be a symptom of gonorrhea, but it can also be a symptom of a lot of other infections. A sore throat could be a good indicator to get tested for STI’s, especially if you have been having condomless sex or oral sex, but there is no way of knowing without being tested and diagnosed by a healthcare provider. 

When we have symptoms of illness, it’s really easy to get worked up by reading about all the different possibilities online and jumping to conclusions. That can be really stressful, and it’s important not to self-diagnose. Only a healthcare provider can give you a truly accurate diagnosis and determine what course of treatment would be best for your case. 

If you have symptoms that you think might be an STI, making a testing appointment is a great idea. At the very least, it will rule out STI’s; if it comes back positive, then you’ll know what’s going on and get the treatment you need. 

The bottom line is, only a healthcare provider can really tell you what’s going on, so be sure to talk to one as soon as you can. We can provide STI/HIV testing at HGLHC – to make an appointment call us at 860-278-4163. 

Be well, be yourself, 


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