May 24: Queer and Loathing in LGBTQ+ Relationships

What does a healthy relationship look like? How can you identify abuse? What can you do to prevent it? All this and more will be addressed in our program with the New Britain YWCA SACS team, “Queer and Loathing in LGBTQ+ Relationships.” The program will be held at the Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health CollectiveContinue reading “May 24: Queer and Loathing in LGBTQ+ Relationships”

Sponsor a Student for Queer Prom 2022

Our annual Queer Prom is coming up. At Queer Prom, no one is turned away for inability to pay! Help us keep Queer Prom accessible by sponsoring a student. $20 will help us defray the cost of one student’s attendance. Donate $20 (or more!) here. Please leave the note “prom” in the comment box whenContinue reading “Sponsor a Student for Queer Prom 2022”

Ask Kim: UTI or Yeast Infection?

Dear Kim,  I know that many folks assigned female at birth are prone to UTI’s or yeast infections, but I’m not sure I know the difference. What are the symptoms of each and how can I tell the difference?  Thanks,  Unsure  Dear Unsure,  This is a really common question, so I’m glad you asked.  You’reContinue reading “Ask Kim: UTI or Yeast Infection?”

Queer Prom 2022

Queer Prom is an annual event for LGBTQ+ identifying high schoolers to express themselves at a safe and affirming prom. This year we’ll be back in person after two years virtually, and it’ll be better than ever. It will be on June 18, 2022 from 6pm-9pm at the West Hartford Town Hall and will feature a live DJ and plenty of pizza and snacks. Entry is $20. No one will be turned away for lack of ability to pay.

Tuesday: Understanding Diverse Gender Identities

The West Hartford Parent Community Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Group invites you to an event featuring pediatric experts for a virtual talk / Q&A addressing Gender Identity v. Sexual Orientation; gender dysphoria in children & adolescents; the importance of respecting and supporting gender diverse individuals in our lives; medical/surgical options for gender diverse children &Continue reading “Tuesday: Understanding Diverse Gender Identities”

The Health Collective’s MUSIC BINGO is Happening on Jan. 22

Now’s the time to sign up. As they say: “You Can’t Win if You Don’t Play!” The Health Collective’s MUSIC BINGO is happening on Jan. 22. Like Music? Like Games? Like a fun time? Join the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective for our online Music Bingo on Saturday, January 22nd! Our virtual “Doors” openContinue reading “The Health Collective’s MUSIC BINGO is Happening on Jan. 22”