Ask Kim: Are Gay Men Eligible for Blood Donation?

Dear Kim,  I heard that the Red Cross recently changed their rules about blood donation. Does this mean gay and bisexual men can donate now? What are the rules? I would like to help others by donating blood, and I’m a bi man, so I want to know about eligibility first.  Thank you,  Want toContinue reading “Ask Kim: Are Gay Men Eligible for Blood Donation?”

Ask Kim: Is Monkeypox Deadly?

Dear Kim, I’ve been hearing about deaths from Monkeypox in the news, and I’m kind of freaked out. Can you give me the facts? Am I at risk of dying from Monkeypox?  Thanks, Scared Dear Scared, It’s totally understandable that you’d be a little frightened by the news reports on Monkeypox deaths. Outbreaks like thisContinue reading “Ask Kim: Is Monkeypox Deadly?”

Ask Kim: UTI or Yeast Infection?

Dear Kim,  I know that many folks assigned female at birth are prone to UTI’s or yeast infections, but I’m not sure I know the difference. What are the symptoms of each and how can I tell the difference?  Thanks,  Unsure  Dear Unsure,  This is a really common question, so I’m glad you asked.  You’reContinue reading “Ask Kim: UTI or Yeast Infection?”