Personal Liberties and the Public Good: A Delicate Balance

By now, you’ve likely heard that all over the US, small groups of protesters are demonstrating at state capitols over their displeasure with state mandates on masks, quarantine, and other public health policies to help slow Coronavirus. Maybe you even agree with them. After all, being told what to do is never a great feeling.Continue reading “Personal Liberties and the Public Good: A Delicate Balance”

CDC lists 6 new COVID-19 Symptoms

The CDC recently listed six new potential symptoms of COVID-19 infection. Now, in addition to fever, coughing, and shortness of breath, you should monitor yourself for chills, shaking, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, and loss of taste/smell. If you feel sick with any of these symptoms, call your doctor as soon as possible for advice.Continue reading “CDC lists 6 new COVID-19 Symptoms”

Survey on LGBTQ+ Needs During COVID-19 Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt everyday life, the Connecticut LGBTQ+ Nonprofit sector would like to know how we can help you! The New Haven Pride Center, Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective, True Colors, and OutCT have created this survey to make sure we are doing our best to serve the community. PleaseContinue reading “Survey on LGBTQ+ Needs During COVID-19 Pandemic”

New CDC Guidelines on Masks!

The CDC has released new guidelines on the use of masks for Coronavirus prevention. The general public is advised to use a cloth mask or scarf when going out in public. Please reserve disposable masks for healthcare workers. N95 masks are not recommended for the general public. For detailed information on personal protective equipment recommendations,Continue reading “New CDC Guidelines on Masks!”

STD Testing Sites around Connecticut Closing

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many STD clinics are temporarily closed for the near future all around Connecticut and surrounding states. This means it will be much harder to get testing and treatment for STDs for a time. If you are not already doing so, practice social/physical distancing, which includes having sex. If you feelContinue reading “STD Testing Sites around Connecticut Closing”