Bisexual Health Month

Did you know bi+ folks make up the largest group within the LGBTQ+ community? Yet, they face some of the largest health disparities. There are many factors, including stigma against bi+ people, lack of funding and resources, and bi+ erasure both within and outside of the LGBTQ+ community. How can YOU change this? Here areContinue reading “Bisexual Health Month”

2023-2024 HGLHC Scholarship

Applications are open for the 2023-2024 academic year HGLHC scholarship! We are offering two $500 scholarships – one for a high school student entering higher education or trade school, and one for a student currently enrolled in higher education or trade school. Applicants must be residents of Connecticut who have been accepted to an accreditedContinue reading “2023-2024 HGLHC Scholarship”

Ask Kim: What Causes a False Positive?

Dear Kim, I know it’s not super common, but I have heard that it’s occasionally possible to get a false positive or negative on a rapid HIV test. What causes that? Is there any way to avoid it? Thanks, Curious Dear Curious, You’re right – it’s not very common, as rapid HIV tests are overContinue reading “Ask Kim: What Causes a False Positive?”

Butt Stuff: Pleasure and Safety for Anal Play

Let’s talk about butt sex, baby! If you’re having anal sex or any kind of anal play, it’s important to know health and safety information, as well as how to make it an enjoyable experience. This will be a safe, confidential environment, where no question is stupid. Our goal is to make sure everyone canContinue reading “Butt Stuff: Pleasure and Safety for Anal Play”