Dear Kim: Can I get the Monkeypox Vaccine?

Dear Kim, I heard that the monkeypox vaccine eligibility guidelines were updated this week, and want to know if I can get one. What are the requirements? Thanks, Playing It Safe Dear Safe, It can be tough to keep up with the always-changing information on Monkeypox, so it’s great you asked. First things first: ifContinue reading “Dear Kim: Can I get the Monkeypox Vaccine?”

Monkeypox Press Conference: A Statement from Linda Estabrook

Good morning everyone. My name is Linda Estabrook and I am the Executive Director of the Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective. The Health Collective has been a provider of medical and dental services to the LGBTQ community and individuals living with HIV since 1983. I’m here today with Patrick Dunn, Executive Director of theContinue reading “Monkeypox Press Conference: A Statement from Linda Estabrook”

Tomorrow: Monkeypox Q+A with Lynn Sosa, MD

At 1 pm on Thursday, July 28, the Connecticut Department of Public Health will host a virtual meeting to present on the current Monkeypox outbreak. Information being presented will consist of: Current Data & Trends What to look for and Effective Preventative Measures JYNNEOS Vaccine: Pre and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Questions & Answers The presenter, Dr.Continue reading “Tomorrow: Monkeypox Q+A with Lynn Sosa, MD”

Let’s Get Physical: Queer Fitness Night

Get your workout on in a queer affirming space this August 3 at Eckercise in Hartford! ALL fitness levels are welcome. This is a judgment-free space. Sign up ahead of time here – space is limited. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle – and get ready to sweat. Attendees must be vaccinated againstContinue reading “Let’s Get Physical: Queer Fitness Night”

Monkeypox: Level Up Your Safer Sex Game

When we think of safer sex, condoms are what comes to mind. However, the safer sex practices we are familiar with are NOT enough to protect against monkeypox. Monkeypox is spreading throughout Connecticut and it’s up to YOU to be part of the solution. First: if you have an unexplained rash, talk to your healthcareContinue reading “Monkeypox: Level Up Your Safer Sex Game”

Monkeypox And Vaccines: What You Need To Know

Understandably, folks have lots of questions about whether there is a vaccine for monkeypox. Here are the answers to a few of these questions. Does the smallpox vaccine protect you against monkeypox? If you had a smallpox vaccine many years ago, you cannot depend on it to protect you against monkeypox. The smallpox vaccine hasn’tContinue reading “Monkeypox And Vaccines: What You Need To Know”

Monkeypox: YOU are the best prevention!

Monkeypox is here in CT. As cases continue to increase in CT, your chance of exposure increases. YOU are the best prevention. YOU. As we said last week-there is no quick fix. If you know you’ve been exposed, follow up with a medical provider. And, most importantly-WAIT to be physically intimate with anyone until YOUContinue reading “Monkeypox: YOU are the best prevention!”

Monkeypox Update

Lots of folks have lots of questions about Monkeypox. Here’s the thing-if you are placing yourself in physical situations where you could get syphilis or gonorrhea, you are placing yourself in situations where you could get Monkeypox. As noted by CDC, “Close contact, sustained skin-to- skin contact including sexual contact, with a person with monkeypoxContinue reading “Monkeypox Update”

LOCATION CHANGE: Online Dating Stories

DUE TO THE CHANCE OF THUNDERSTORMS, this event will be held at the Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective at 1841 Broad St. Hartford, CT. Everyone’s got a wild online dating story to tell! Come tell yours for a night of storytelling – hilarious, terrifying, or heartwarming. We want to hear it all! This isContinue reading “LOCATION CHANGE: Online Dating Stories”