Queer Halloween Craft Night

Celebrate the season by making some SpOoKy crafts for Halloween at HGLHC! Join us at 7pm on October 25 at HGLHC (1841 Broad St, Hartford). Materials will be provided to create a creepy monster collage. You are also welcome to bring your own craft to work on. Halloween snacks will be provided! Attendees must beContinue reading “Queer Halloween Craft Night”

Fun Home at Theaterworks Hartford

Please join the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective as we partner with TheaterWorks Hartford for their powerful new production of Fun Home running from Oct. 8-30. Called, “a beautiful heartbreaker of a musical” by the NY Times. Tickets are half off for ANY performance when you mention our name. Use code 50%HGLHC. This offerContinue reading “Fun Home at Theaterworks Hartford”

Dear Kim: Worried About Syphilis Rates

Dear Kim,  I keep seeing posts on social media and news articles about syphilis rates. I have heard they have been getting higher and higher, along with other STI’s. Should I be worried? How do I protect myself?  Thanks,  Playing It Safe  Dear Safe,  It’s true. Syphilis rates are higher than they have been inContinue reading “Dear Kim: Worried About Syphilis Rates”

Open Discussion on Kink

Did you know 40% of Americans identify as kinky? These kinks have to have come from somewhere, right? Join HGLHC in an open discussion on the factors that affect our kinks – psychological, social, and environmental. It’s important to critically think about our sexual behaviors, because they say a lot about us as individuals! WeContinue reading “Open Discussion on Kink”

Banned Books Week: What To Read

You didn’t think that we’d let Banned Books Week get away without giving you some homework, did you? Of course not! One of the top reasons books are banned or challenged in schools is due to LGBTQ+ content. At HGLHC, we feel that it’s important for kids to be exposed to literature by and aboutContinue reading “Banned Books Week: What To Read”

An Adventure at HGLHC: Queer DnD Night!

Sign up is FULL! Thanks for your interest, and keep an eye on our social media and website to stay updated on our events. Do you have what it takes? Join HGLHC for a queer Dungeons and Dragons one-off! Our DM Adam Stearns will lead an adventure like no other over hill and vale. SignContinue reading “An Adventure at HGLHC: Queer DnD Night!”

Outing in the Park – Location Change

The weather is looking bad AGAIN for our outing in the park! What luck, right? Anyway it’s still on, but we will be at HGLHC instead. Giving you all the heads up as SOON AS POSSIBLE this time! See you at 1841 Broad St, Hartford, CT 6pm tomorrow. Please wear a mask and be vaccinatedContinue reading “Outing in the Park – Location Change”

September is Bisexual Visibility Month

September is Bisexual Visibility Month! Bisexual folks are a huge part of the LGBTQ+ community, but unfortunately often experience erasure. This month (and all the time), remember: Bisexual people’s orientation and sexuality are real and valid. A bisexual person in a relationship with a same-gender person is still bisexual. A bisexual person in a straight-passingContinue reading “September is Bisexual Visibility Month”

MPowerment Outing in the Park (Rescheduled)

Come celebrate summer with a outing in the park! Meet other queer folks, have some tasty snacks, and play lawn games. We’ll be meeting at Elizabeth Park in Hartford on Sept. 13. Meet by the stage in front of the rose garden. Bring your own chair or blanket. Food will be provided, but if you’dContinue reading “MPowerment Outing in the Park (Rescheduled)”